Charge all your devices ultra-fast with this charger, now less than $22

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TL;DR: The InCharge® X Max 100W Charging Cable powers up your phone, laptop, and other devices faster than ever. Typically, it retails for $39, but it's now on sale for $21.99.

We've all felt panic when we've seen our phone die, which always happens at the most inconvenient times. Maybe you need to make an important call, look up crucial information, or finish some work on the go. Unfortunately, even connecting it to a charger isn't a sign you can resume your day as usual. With many power cords, a charge can take longer than you'd like. But that's not an issue with this powerful, ultra-fast charging cable.

With the InCharge® X Max 100W Charging Cable, you can put the days of waiting around for your device to power up behind you. This cord powers your devices quicker than ever, and best of all, it's now more affordable than many standard chargers. Typically valued at $39, it's now available for $21.99. That's a savings of 43% on an accessory that can help you out in a pinch—no coupons needed!

The low price is a reason to love this cord, but there are many more reasons to add it to your cart ASAP. First, it doesn't just charge phones; it also juices up iPads, laptops, and other portable devices, regardless of whether they're Apple or Androids. And your devices don't just get powered up. They're charged incredibly fast, so you don't have to waste time waiting for them to come fully back to life. It'll change how you use your devices and can make even the unfortunate times when your phone does die just a minor glitch.

If you've ever needed a device while it was powering up, you know it's also a little annoying to sit and wait for it to come back to life before you use it. You're basically tethered to the outlet. But since this has a five-foot-long cord, you can have better mobility and freedom of movement as you charge.

Keep your phone powered up for any situation and enjoy charging capabilities for almost any other device at high speeds.

Grab the InCharge® X Max 100W Charging Cable now for just $21.99 (reg. $39).

Prices subject to change.