George Santos tries to ingratiate himself with Barstool Sports founder, to no avail

Dave Portnoy was recently invited by everyone's favorite lying-liar-who-lies George Santos to try some pizza in the "NY-03", and responded with the most satisfying clap-back. Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, runs "One Bite Pizza Reviews," a channel he started in 2017 with the goal of reviewing every pizza place in Manhattan. He has since expanded his work far beyond Manhattan and now reviews pizza from all over the world. He's currently eating his way through Italy, and providing some pretty funny 'travel tips for Americans' along with his pizza reviews

A few days ago George Santos tweeted an invite to Dave: "Let me know when you are available for a pizza review in #NY03." In the accompanying video, Santos says, "Dave—You need to come to the NY03 and get at least a 9.5 slice of pizza, that I think that's what you would rate it, based on your rating. Please come on, I'll take you myself." Santos got obliterated in the comments, of course, and Dave replied: "Let's do it. I heard you dad invented pizza." Something tells me Dave's not gonna take George up on his offer.