Fantastic costumes made entirely out of coke cans

These wild Coke-can costumes are so much fun. Not only do the costumes look terrific in motion, but they make a wonderful crunchy sound as well. I love how even the faces of the people in these costumes are covered by a thin sheet of Coca Cola tin with eyes and mouth holes cut out. Thes costumes must have taken forever to make. Bravo.

From instagram

"Everything goes better with coke. Sound. .

฿Ɇ₴₮ ł₦ ฿łⱫ₳ⱤⱤɆ ₣ØⱠⱠØ₩ @bizarredoctorArtists @darimizah27 submitted by @brolin_books_from_the_shed "

(screenshot from video)