"Octopus Dinner" AI video provides grotesque nightmare fuel

Some folks on the Boing Boing bulletin boards expressed dismay that the "Will Smith eating spaghetti" AI-generated video wasn't as horrifying as I sold it to be. One kind user suggested we check out another, more terrifying piece of AI art, featuring an Trump and several octopi. I was intrigued so I did some research. Turns out the one-minute-long AI-generated video is called "Octopus Dinner," and was created by reddit user "Imaginary-Librarian7," who posted it in the Stable Diffusion subreddit, which describes itself this way:

Welcome to the unofficial Stable Diffusion subreddit! We encourage you to share your awesome generations, discuss the various repos, news about releases, and more! Be sure to check out the pinned post for our rules and tips on how to get started! Prompt sharing is highly encouraged, but not required.

The video is super creepy because of its strange glitchy execution as well as its bizarre content—President Trump captures a couple of octopi and then cooks and eats them. He also serves up the octopi to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton, who all grotesquely devour the poor creatures. 

When asked for details about the process in the comments, the video's creator, Imaginary-Librarian7 explained how long it took them and what GPU they were running and UI they were using:

For this video I think in total around 2.5 hours, you need to create various scenes and play with the prompts and settings, and then you add manually these clips in some video editing tool to get end result

RTX 4070 12GB, running auto1111 locally.

Enjoy this new, improved, nightmare fuel!