Say goodbye to mobile gaming and hello to the ultimate gaming console for only $329

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TL;DR: You can avoid racking up an insane phone bill from using too much data with the Super Console X King, which is now on sale for $328.99.

We've come a long way from classic consoles like the NES to modern powerhouses like the PlayStation 5. The world of video gaming is constantly evolving, making gaming on the go easier than ever with the rise of mobile gaming. 

However, the number of games you can download is limited by storage space and the data required. To avoid racking up a huge phone bill from using too much data, the Super Console X King features over 117,00 fan-favorite games pre-downloaded for only $328.99 (reg. $599). 

If you're someone who uses a lot of storage on your phone, it can be frustrating to get a low-storage notification in the middle of playing your favorite game. With an average storage base of 64GB across smartphones, choosing which games to keep or delete can be difficult. The Super Console X King has enough storage space and 4GB of RAM power to host its massive collection of classic and modern games, with extra room to download your favorites, too! 

Its lightweight and compact design works not only as a retro console but as a TV Box utilizing the new Android 9 system, which is compatible with most applications like Google and YouTube. For a pristine streaming experience, this device offers 4k streaming across gaming, web, and video content without collecting or losing any data.

Gone are the days of choosing between which consoles to purchase. Now, you can have the option of big named brands like Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and more within one device at the cost of one console. The Super Console is also a great gift for gamers who love a variety of gaming styles and are looking to expand their current play.

So, skip the cramped fingers and eye strain by gaming on a small screen. Upgrade your gaming experience to the big screen for unlimited streaming. 

Grab the Super Console X King now for just $328.99 (reg. $599.00). 

Prices subject to change.