Final bow for 'Phantom of the Opera' after 35 years on Broadway

After an astounding 35-year run, Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera took its final bow on Broadway Sunday night at the Majestic Theatre in New York City. The emotionally charged closing night included a heartfelt dedication to Webber's late son Nick who died last month of gastric cancer. Former Phantom leading lady Sarah Brightman also returned to the stage Sunday for a special performance.

With a staggering 13,981 performances, Phantom has firmly secured its status as the longest-running Broadway production, boasting an impressive estimated $1 billion in gross revenue.


Amid a standing ovation, Webber said, "I hope you won't mind if I dedicate this performance to my son, Nick." Turning to original Phantom star, Sarah Brightman, the composer recalled, "When Nick was a little boy, he heard some of this music."

Said Brightman, "Yes, he did. When Andrew was writing it, he was right there. So his soul is with us. Nick, we love you very much." 

…Brightman performed the musical's most famous song, "The Music of the Night"…