Park ranger teaches mask-shaming creeper a lesson in occupational safety

Here's another video by the infamous creeper who goes around harassing people who wear face masks. This time, his target is a park ranger operating an angle grinder near a metal pole planted in the ground.

The interaction begins with the creeper asking the ranger, "Yo, sup man? Why you wearing that chin bra outside? It's a beautiful day." Confused, the ranger seeks clarification, prompting the creeper to comment, "You're wearing a chin diaper."

"Yeah," replies the ranger.

"Why?" inquires the creeper. "Scared of COVID? You scared of COVID?"

Focused on his work, the park ranger responds, "I'm working here."

Persisting in his attempt to ridicule the ranger, the creeper asks, "Scared of COVID?"

"No," says the ranger.

"No? Then what's up with the mask?" questions the creeper.

"'Cause I'm grinding the metal," explains the ranger.

Suddenly understanding, the creeper stammers, "What does that have to… oh, okay," realizing the mask's purpose is to protect the ranger from inhaling dangerous metal particles.

"Get out of my face," commands the ranger.

"Alright," concedes the creeper as the video concludes.

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