Poinsettia reproductive structures or Muppets? You decide!

I recently saw these cool photos of the reproductive structures of the Poinsettia plant—they're called "cyathia"—and was immediately struck at how much they look like Muppets. First, though, some information about them. Microscopy UK explains:

Each cyathium is an inflorescence, or flower cluster, comprised of many individual male flowers, and a single female flower. . . A single, very distinctive mouth-shaped structure occurs on the side of each cyathium.  This is a nectar producing gland that attracts insects to the flower-head.

Each cup-shaped cyathium has a red, fringed top, and contains many male stamens, each of which is a single flower.  Hidden from view, deep within the cyathium is a single, very small female flower composed of a pistil and ovary.  Note that neither male nor female flowers possess petals.  

And here's another fun fact. I also learned today that it's a myth that Poinsettias are poisonous—they actually aren't. Again, Microscopy UK:

Like most other members of the Euphorbia genus, the Poinsettia has a sticky, milky, latex-like sap that is exuded whenever the plant's stems of stalks are damaged or severed. However, unlike most other Euphorbia species, this one's sap is not poisonous. (This contradicts a persistent "old wives' tale" that states that humans and their pets should avoid contact with, or ingestion of, the sap.)  What is true is that sensitive individuals may develop skin irritations when coming into contact with the liquid.

Now that we've learned a little about cyathia, I need you to click through here or here and take a good look, so I can pose this very important question: Which Muppet do they look like? I immediately thought of The Snowths, who are famous for their Mahna Mahna song. They also look a little like the Yip Yip Martians, those sweet and funny aliens from Mars. But they also resemble Janice, the lead guitar player for that awesome Muppet band, The Electric Mayhem. But then again, they also kinda look like a version of Animal (who was always my favorite!), The Electric Mayhem's drummer (he also plays drums for Dr. Teeth). Who am I missing? I welcome other suggestions!