The electronic artwork of Joshua Ellingson

I recently discovered Joshua Ellingson's youtube channel, and I have found myself completely enamored with his approach to combining electronics and code with a futurist vision of world-building that makes me really wish he was designing environments I could physically enter.

In addition to his super fascinating use of old and new tech, it's just the 'vibe' his work gives off that I am mesmerized by. That and his ability to actually explain how he's created things that makes me really appreciate what he's doing. Creativity is often gate kept by the creators, and I am deeply a fan of those who share their process for others to explore.

Kudos goes out to Mr Ellingson, and I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. If so, give him a follow on his youtube! There is a ton to explore on his instagram too. He also has a Patreon you can subscribe to.