YouTubers create real-life bulletproof suit

Bullet-resistant, rather, as Hacksmith Industries reminds us time and again. The YouTuber collective, focusing mostly on bringing fantastical creations from film and TV to life with real-world science, has tackled quite possibly its most ambitious project yet: recreating the bulletproof three-piece suit from John Wick 2.

It takes a solid year of work and costs a tremendous amount of money, including the use of military-grade Kevlar weave and experimental fluid armor, but in the end, the team is able to put together a sleek and stylish suit that will also stop a .45 caliber bullet. The video is worth watching in its entirety just for the sheer number of spinning plates the team has to consider and the way it all coalesces in the end… and no, before the thumbnail sends you into an anxious panic, no one actually wears the suit while it's being shot.