Here's what happens when you deep-fry coffee beans (rather than roast them)

Coffee connoisseur James Hoffman was curious — instead of roasting coffee beans, what if you deep fry them? So he took 100 grams of raw Ethiopian coffee beans, poured them into a basket, and set it all into a deep fryer set at 338 degrees (F). Yes, the beans browned, but didn't puff up like they do when roasted. Yes, the beans got oily, which Hoffman did his best to clean up. And yes, the beans, when ground, gave off a "vegetabley," french fry smell. But how did the deep-fried coffee beans taste? Well, let's just say we got two very amusing but different reactions from him — turns out deep-fried coffee and deep-fried espresso are not created equally, and only one of them is "weirdly good." (Watch video below.)

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