Just Stop Oil supporters disrupt World Snooker Championship with orange powder

Two members of UK's "Just Stop Oil" activist group caused a ruckus at the World Snooker Championship by climbing onto a snooker table and covering it with orange paint powder.

I don't know enough about snooker to understand its reliance on oil. I'm sorry the tournament was spoiled for its fans. But I have to admit — watching the orange powder cover the green felt of the snooker table was aesthetically appealing.

From Just Stop Oil:

At around 7:20pm, two Just Stop Oil supporters stormed onto the snooker tables at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, interrupting play. The pair proceeded to cover one of the tables in orange powder paint, before being removed by security and arrested.

One of those taking action, Margaret Reid, 52, a former museum professional from Kendal, said:

"I did not take this action lightly, but I cannot remain a passive spectator while our government knowingly pushes us down a path to destruction. They are giving handouts of £236 million per week of our money, to the most profitable industry on earth, during a cost of living crisis. I can no longer justify watching from the side lines."

"I am angry and heartbroken that I have found myself in a position where taking this sort of disruptive action is the only way to get heard."

The old "look what you made me do" excuse.