Listen to John Prine and Steve Goodman sing a Hank Williams medley at the 1973 Philadelphia Folk Festival

I am truly, deeply, sorry for recently assaulting your eyes and ears with "music" from QAnon: The Musical. As penance, I'm offering up this actual gem: Steve Goodman and John Prine Steve singing a Hank Williams medley. 

Chicago-born American folk and country music singer and songwriter Steve Goodman (1948-1984) had a long musical career and was highly influential in folk music circles, and is probably best known for writing the classic song "City of New Orleans," which was recorded by a host of luminaries including Arlo Guthrie, John Denver, and Willie Nelson. John Prine (1946-2020) was born in Maywood, Illinois and was also a highly acclaimed and incredibly influential folk and country singer and songwriter. He and Goodman were longtime friends. In fact, it was Goodman who introduced Kris Kristofferson to John Prine—Kristofferson was immediately impressed and thus began Prine's meteoric rise to fame. Prine and Goodman remained friends for decades, writing, recording, and performing music together. 

Enjoy the two of them singing a slew of Hank Williams' tunes, including (in order), Hey, Good  Lookin'; Jambalaya; Your Cheatin' Heart; Lost Highway; Cold Cold Heart; Mind Your Own Business, and Settin' the World on Fire. They do a great job with the songs, and have a whole lot of fun, too. The video was posted by a folk-music-loving YouTube user named Jan Hammer (no, not that Jan Hammer), who provides this description:

While not absolutely certain I believe this performance by John Prine and Steve Goodman was during The Philadelphia Folk Festival on April 7, 1973. They closed their performance with a medley of Hank Williams, Senior's fabulous hit songs. Information to the contrary is most welcome. I'm having a time identifying this performance.