Keep your pet entertained while you're away with this interactive dog toy for only $35

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TL;DR: The Wicked Ball is an interactive pet toy that can keep your four-legged friend engaged, and it's on sale for only $34.99.

Our furry friends are part of our families, and while we don't like leaving them home alone, sometimes we have to (darn that 9 to 5 job). Fortunately, we've got you covered with a gadget that could make leaving your pet at home alone much easier. 

Cue the Wicked Ball. This interactive pet toy is the perfect solution to entertain pets when you're away. This FDA-certified toy has three interactive modes (gentle, active, and normal) to keep your little friends happy and stimulated all day! Even better, it's now only $34.99 (reg. $49).

This innovative pet toy has an intelligent companion mode to balance activity and rest with 10-minute play and 30-minute increments. The automatic on-and-off feature can keep your pet interested by offering spontaneous exercises throughout the day. The Wicked Ball provides up to eight hours of fun and can be recharged in an hour with a USB. By the time you come home, your furry friend might be too tired for a walk! 

The Wicked Ball is designed to withstand even the most determined chewers and is durable from scratching, biting, and gnawing. If you're worried about the toy damaging furniture, don't be. The built-in collision sensor knows to avoid any objects or obstacles that should get in the way.  

Not only does this ball provide a mock-human interaction experience, but it also has a snack hole for hiding treats. A toy that moves on its own and holds kibbles too? It's truly a pup or cat's dream come true! Perfect for motivating your food-obsessed pet, the Wicked Ball can keep them mobile and curious, which will only improve their health in the long run. 

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the Wicked Ball also boasts excellent reviews on Amazon. One verified customer wrote, "Daizy loves it. On rainy days, it keeps her busy for hours, then it sleeps for a bit, and [it's] on again! Thank you!"

Ensure your pup or kitty stays engaged and happy even when their favorite human is out.

Grab the Wicked Ball Interactive Pet Toy now for just $34.99 (reg. $49).

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