Man who went viral for destroying beer arrested for public exposure

Yesterday, Dustin Cain of Topeka, Kansas was the subject of a viral video in which he smashed a bunch of cases of Busch beer at a Walmart, presumably in protest of Anheuser-Busch's "woke" policies. (Busch and Bud Light are both owned by Anheuser-Busch.)

The viral video ends with Cain's arrest. He was booked for criminal damage to property; felony battery; physical contact in rude, insulting, angry manner; as well as assault.

He was also charged with, "Lewd and lascivious; Exposing sex organs to another =>16," according to Topeka Police.

It's not clear when exactly Cain whipped it out — there's no indication of a flopping penis flail in the viral video, though I suppose his hands were otherwise occupied. Did he whip it out at the cops when they tried to arrest him? Was he smashing the Busch light cans not as a political statement, but rather in a fit of rage after being rejected by someone in the store whom he had already exposed himself to without consent?

It remains clear. Cain is currently being held on a $1500 bond, according to local news. (That same local news network says Cain exposed himself to a teen, but I think the "=>16" distinction in the police statement is meant to indicate that the person was, at the very least, not legally a minor.)

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