Tennessee to allow teens to carry guns without permits

Tennessee's Attorney General says he will not prosecute people 18 years old or older who carry guns without a permit, reports Action News 5.

In the Volunteer State, those ages 18 to 20 can now carry a handgun without a permit, and without fear of prosecution from the state attorney general's office or citation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Action News 5 talked with an attorney, a longtime Memphis journalist, an immigrant from East Africa who moved here in the 1980s, and a mother who is also a U.S. Military veteran, to get their takes on this latest change to Tennessee gun control. As a mom to two-year-old Ivan and a retired member of the U.S. Army, Eboni Anderson does not think Tennesseans 18 to 20 years old should be able to carry a gun without having to get a permit.

"That makes absolutely no sense," Anderson said, "I'm a veteran. And I know that you need to know how to clean a gun, properly load a magazine, how to properly carry, how to properly store it… things of that nature."

The Tennessee General Assembly "debated bills in the House and Senate this session that would have changed the state law to lower permitless carry to age 18," but they went nowhere. The more chaotic and violent society gets, the more likely it is to fail completely and be replaced by one more to their liking? Teens with guns, three weeks out from a mass shooting at a school there!