There's a new "lost" Nancy Drew novella coming, and here's the cover

Wandering Planet Toys — the company that previously brought you those gorgeous licensed The Prisoner action figures— has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a retro-style action figure series inspired by the classic Nancy Drew novels. They're the first ever officially-licensed toys of the iconic detective character in the nearly century since she first debuted.

But it's not just an action figure. The company will also be publishing a brand new "lost" novella — the first in decades — called The Clue of the Curious Collection, "written" by the pseudonymous Carolyn Keene, and featuring all-new cover art by Ruth Sanderson, who took over the series from the original cover artist Rudy Nappi in the 1970s.

And here, for the first time anywhere, is that new cover:

If you told me that was an original, old school Nancy Drew book cover, I'd absolutely believe here. Here's what Jenn Fisher, the president of the official Nancy Drew fanclub (who also consulted on the project) had to say about it all:

For years, Nancy Drew fans have been waiting for a collectible that not only celebrates Nancy Drew's status as Mystery's IT Girl but boldly brings to life the mysterious girl detective right from the covers! It's the nostalgia we have for this daring and savvy Sleuth that makes these action figures from Wandering Planet Toys super Sleuth-tacular for any generation of Nancy Drew fan.

In addition to the "lost" 5-chapter novella, the Kickstarter campaign will feature a new different reward tiers with different retro-styled Nancy Drew action figures, each one based on the classic cover of a different book:

The Kickstarter Campaign for the toys and book launches today.

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