Trump proposes concentration camps to solve homelessness

Sweeping the streets and shoving people in camps isn't a particularly creative solution to "helping" the unhoused; I hear it all the time from privileged folks who have a home and don't want to look at people who can't find a way to fit into today's economy. As the specter of AI continues to rise and what we all do for a living becomes mere searches in ChatGPT, folks better start getting more sympathetic and caring.

From the President well known for putting children in cages comes this…

Crooks & Liars:

"We will ban urban camping wherever possible," the twice impeached, one-term, indicted President said. "Violators of these bans will be arrested, but they will be given the option to accept treatment and services if they're willing to be rehabilitated."

"Many of them don't want that, but we'll give them the option." he continued.

"We will then open up large parcels of inexpensive land, bring in doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, and drug rehab specialists, and create tent cities where the homeless can be relocated and their problems identified," Bloaty McBatshit added. "But we'll open up our cities again, make them livable, and make them beautiful."