13-year-old treble singer Malakai Bayoh earns golden buzzer from Simon Cowell

In December of last year, we wrote about Malakai Bayoh, a then-12-year-old treble singer who hit an impressive high note. Now, his angelic voice has earned him the coveted "golden buzzer" from Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent.

There's something undeniably pure and wholesome about this 13-year-old. One commenter sums it up, "He sings with his soul, and every note that came out of his lips was full of emotion and meaning. He truly surrendered himself to the music, and his passion and talent were evident to everyone who watched. The humility in his way of dressing and expressing himself was something that did not go unnoticed. He did not need extravagant clothes or an arrogant attitude to show his musical ability; his voice was enough to leave all of us breathless."

Watch the performance and note that he pockets some of the gold confetti as a souvenir: