Flashgitz pokes some fun at the Super Mario Bros. movie

The conversation around The Super Mario Bros. movie from Illumination Studios has taken more twists and turns than a stuntman's car on a film set. When the movie first unveiled its, let's say, unconventional casting choices, the internet was up in arms. Shortly afterward, fans of the film got their first glimpse of the teaser trailer, which promised a fun and colorful romp through the familiar stomping grounds that Nintendo loyalists know and love. By the time the first official trailer dropped, the hype for the movie had reached a fever pitch, and complaints surrounding the cast had virtually disappeared. 

Now that we're a few weeks out from the movie's release, The Super Mario Bros. movie has earned the biggest opening weekend for an animated film and is well on its way to becoming the most successful animated movie ever. Even though the movie is as entertaining as advertised, it's not above a good parody, and in the video linked above, the twisted minds at Flashgitz on YouTube provide the perfect one.