Here's why The Worlds End is an underrated masterpiece

Before society entered the current zombie boom that we can't ever seem to escape, Shaun of the Dead hit the zeitgeist like a brick through a glass window. Although seasoned fans of British comedy might have been familiar with Edgar Wright's directorial chops from his masterful series Spaced, it's safe to say that most people didn't have any idea how Shaun of the Dead managed to remain funny and heartfelt across its run time. With his follow-up film Hot Fuzz, Wright proved that he could handle action as deftly as horror. 

In what would become known as the Cornetto Trilogy, Wright capped off his series of films with The Worlds End, a sci-fi spoof that wasn't as well received as the series' previous two entries. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Nerdstalgic explains why The Worlds End was the perfect way for Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg to close out their beloved Cornetto Trilogy.