How far can this couple scoot over?

There's something about this video that makes me laugh so hard. Here's Rox and Lee, bloggers from New Jersey, who describe their Instagram channel as, "Inspiring you with our love while spreading love, light, and laughter." They recently put their spin on this short video trend called, "POV: Your wife is mad but y'all still sleeping together," that was originally created by a couple named Ricky and Lesly. That original video showed the couple gradually scooting out of bed, down the stairs, and almost out the door. It's clear they are having a blast filming the video, as they can hardly stifle their giggles.

Rox and Lee take it so much farther, though, which makes it even more hilarious. Rox and Lee scoot out of the bed, across the floor, down the outside steps, down the sidewalk, and down the street. They, too, are having a great time making this video (and all of their other content—you can tell they are a great couple!). What's even funnier than the video are the comments. Here are some gems:

Bro wtf spotted them in Spain just now

They jus passed the Circle K by my house

Ayo I just saw them in the Mariana Trench

Just saw them Atlanta they still going😭

I cannot, this has got to be the funniest thing I have seen in a minute 😂😂😂😂😂

They made it through TSA like this