Police hunt man who shot 6-year-old girl and her parents after a ball rolled into his yard

Alleged psycho of the day is Robert Louis Singletary, hunted by police after shooting a little girl and her parents after they entered his yard to retrieve a basketball that bounced there. The trigger-happy violence follows strikingly similar incidents in New York and Missouri in which a woman was shot dead after the car she was in went up the wrong driveway and a teenage boy was shot after ringing the wrong doorbell looking for his siblings.

The shooting happened late Tuesday, according to the Gaston County Police Department. 911 operators received a call about a man firing a gun outside of homes in a neighborhood just south of Gastonia, police said in a statement. Jamie White, who had run to aid his daughter, was shot in the back and remained hospitalized as of late Wednesday with serious wounds, according to the family. The child, Kinsley White, was grazed by a bullet in the left cheek; she was treated and released, her family said. The girl's mother, Ashley Hilderbrand, who was grazed by a bullet in the elbow, was also treated and released. Authorities also Singletary shot at another man but missed. According to WSOC-TV, neighbors said several young children were playing basketball when the ball rolled down the street and into the man's yard. The man became enraged and began shooting, the outlet reported.

The girl and her mother were only grazed by bullets, but the father was seriously wounded and remains in hospital