The Russo Brothers have no desire to direct a Batman movie

Batman is one of those characters that just works. Certain characters have a unique ability to survive the ravages of time and remain as impactful among audiences as the day they were created. In previous eras, Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood were examples of characters that were and have staved off atrophy despite centuries in the public eye. If anything, characters like Sherlock Holmes have arguably become even more popular in the last handful of decades. Aside from the obvious similarities in their detective prowess, Batman is a similar beast. 

Thanks to the character's endless versatility, there's essentially no story that Batman can't tell. As a result, pretty much every creator worth their salt wants to try their hand at creating a yarn for the Dark Knight detective. Well, every creator except the director duo known as the Russo Brothers. According to Comic Book Resources, the Russo Brothers have no desire to direct a Batman film for James Gunn's DCU. 

Directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo just singled out Batman as the DC Universe superhero they're least interested in making a movie about.

The Russos stated that a DCU project headlined by the Dark Knight Detective is "the one movie [they] would never, ever do" during a red carpet interview with Fandango's Erik Davis. "We love [DC Studios co-chair and co-CEO] James [Gunn], we adore him," Joe Russo said. "We support everything he's doing over there [at DC], we'd be happy to work with him at any point — [but] it wouldn't be on Batman." Like Gunn, the Russo Brothers are veterans of Marvel Studios' rival shared universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Together, the siblings have directed four MCU installments: Captain America: The Winter SoldierCaptain America: Civil WarAvengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.