This extreme close-up of a snail devouring a strawberry looks like a creature from outer space (video)

Once again, German photographer Jens of Another Perspective gives us just that — a fresh and unique perspective at what would otherwise be an ordinary sighting. In his latest video, using an extreme macro camera, Jens captures the magnificence (and, for some, the ick factor) of a snail's elongating tentacles, its staring gelatinous eyes, its moist bumpy otherworldly skin, and its gooey undulating mouth as it hungrily munches — with great sound effects — on a small piece of strawberry. Seen from afar, most might not give this little guy more than a glance or two. But seen through Jens' artistic lens, it's nothing short of mesmerizing.

Front page thumbnail image: Nataly Yermolina /