Turns out "gold heists" are still a thing after $15 million worth of loot stolen from Toronto airport (video)

Forget gold digging. Wanted bandits stole a shipping container in Toronto worth nearly US$15 million in a good ol' fashioned "gold heist." The spoils — which included not only gold but undisclosed other "high value" items — had arrived at Toronto's Pearson Airports on Monday in a 5-square-foot container and transferred to a holding facility before it vanished into thin air hours later.

From CBS News:

The container was then unloaded and transported to a holding facility, in accordance with the airport's standard procedures for air cargo. 

Sometime after this, the roughly five square-foot container was "removed by illegal means" and reported missing to the police shortly afterward. …

Police weren't able to confirm the cargo's final destination, nor if the theft was related to organized crime or professional thieves. They also weren't sure if the gold is still in the country.

See the story on CBS News (video below, posted by The Recount) for more details.