Ever heard an opossum growl? Turn up your volume.

My love affair with opossums continues. Check out the adorable growl on this opossum that was recently rescued by the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in Roanoke. They explain: "We snapped this really quick video of this #virginiaopossum while we got her out to get give her a check-up exam. Most people have never heard this crazy sound #opossums make which is why we thought it would be fun to share!"

The SWVA Wildlife Center is a wildlife veterinary hospital that treats over 2600 animals every year—that includes over 250 different species! You can follow them on Twitter to see photos and videos of lots of their rescues. They have been super busy recently rescuing lots of orphaned baby opossums. They recently tweeted some photos of some of the newly rescued babies—and are seeking donations to help them care for the tiny critters in the best way "OPpossible" (that's their joke, not mine!).