Free up disk space with Prism Drive's secure cloud-based storage

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TL;DR: Safely and securely store any type of file on Prism Drive's secure cloud servers for $89.99 (reg. 2,490).

Cloud computing has changed how companies and individuals secure and store their data. Gone are the days of savings protected and valuable data on devices. According to Fortune Business Insights, its market size is expected to boom to $480 billion by 2029. Cloud computing has made it possible to import files to a secure location, freeing up much-needed space on personal devices.

Prism Drive Secure Storage offers a fast and simple cloud storage service, and you can purchase a lifetime subscription to 10TB of storage space for just $89.99 (reg. $2,490).

With Prism, users not only have the ability to store all of their files in one secure location, but they can access those files from any of their devices. Prism is compatible with XLS, PPT, MP4, or JPEG format files. All of this can be done without downloading the files to view them.

Prism's cloud storage depots are fully compliant with privacy laws, and they offer the strongest available transfer encryption. Password-protected sharing is also provided along with zero-knowledge encryption.

Users who enjoy sharing files and photos with friends or colleagues can create shareable links via Prism. The drag-and-drop feature makes doing so – whether for uploading or selecting and moving files and folders – seamless.

Prism Drive Secure Storage can be used on desktop/laptop and mobile devices. All required is a web browser, iOS (10.0 or later), or Android (4.1 or later). There is no limit on devices, and updates to the software are offered for the life of your subscription.

More than 60 verified buyers have rated this software 4.5 stars. "Lots of storage at a very reasonable cost. The browser interface is very easy to use. The lifetime plan is a great bonus!" writes verified buyer Daniel Larrivee.

With Prism Drive Secure, safe and secure storage doesn't have to cost a fortune. Free your devices from being bogged down with files with 10TB of cloud storage for just $89.99 (reg. $2,490).

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