Nic Cage offers peek into his quirky Vegas life in '60 Minutes' interview, complete with crow, cat, and monitor lizard

This 60 Minutes interview with Nicolas Cage kicks off in his brand new gilded Lamborghini, which he bought as a nod to a 1968 Fellini-directed short that features a golden Ferrari. The interview doesn't slow down from there. After taking correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi for a spin, Cage gives a tour of his quirky Las Vegas home, described as a "part Goth-cathedral, part avant-garde gallery." We meet his menagerie and learn more about his 40-year-long career. Cage shares his passion for film, discusses the time he "blew through his fortune," and reveals upcoming roles, including a reimagined Dracula in Renfield. (via Digg)

60 Minutes:

Nicolas Cage: When people think of Nicolas Cage, I wanted it to have, like, a punk rock energy at that time. I wanted it to be unpredictable. You don't know what you're gonna get. I wanted it to be exciting and a little scary.

It has been. After more than 100 movies, Nicolas Cage is almost his own genre. He told us when he read the script for "Peggy Sue Got Married," he worried it was going to be too much like the play "Our Town"… which he hated.

Nicolas Cage: I grew up watching "Gumby" and listening to Pokey. And I thought, "Well, that would be a good voice for a character, especially in this movie." And so I thought, "If I do that, that won't be boring. That'll be like, what the hell is he doing?"