Esquire interviews a man who supersized his penis with $16,000 surgery

When Sergio Costa (now 23) was in school he saved $30,000 selling Cialis to his classmates. He wanted a larger penis so he flew to California to get a silicone sheath, called the Penuma, into his penis. Esquire interviewed him about his life before and after the procedure:

I was like a little kid when he took the bandages off. I was like, "Yo, this is insane." The surgery added two inches in girth and one inch in length. I'm in the top 5% of guys in terms of girth now. If you line me up with 10 other guys right now, I probably have more girth than all of them for sure. It's a little bit slimmer than a Coke can.

But you can't have sex for three months after the surgery. It's like having a sick car and you can't drive it. It just sits in the garage. I remember the day Dr. Elist emailed me and wrote, "You're good to go."

Right off the bat, my girlfriend was like, "Holy shit." This dick could do some damage. She was a lot freakier after the surgery. We had never used toys before. She got a lot more vocal during sex, calling me "daddy" and "papí."

That girl from Georgia heard I got the surgery and flew out to see me, even though she was dating someone else at the time. She hooked up with me, flew back, and texted me, "I need to break up with my boyfriend." I sound cocky but it's the truth.