Pedro Pascal as economics textbooks

I love the "Pedro Pascal as X" trend—you can find lots of examples on Twitter. For example, here's Pedro Pascal as Squishmallows, and here he is, "transformed into Pedro Pathcal, as different stains & methods in histo/cyto/pathology!"—now that's pretty clever! And the thing is, the comparisons are so uncannily spot-on! I think my favorite is this one recently posted by Dr. Jadrian Wooten, an award-winning educator and researcher who teaches economics at Virginia Tech University. He also writes a newsletter, Monday Morning Economist, that you can subscribe to here. Dr. Wooten recently tweeted a thread full of photos comparing Pedro Pascal to various economics textbooks. It's so accurate! They are all so good, but I think my favorite is this kaleidoscope "Macroeconomics" look.