"Pretty person" Elizabeth Holmes still avoiding prison

"They don't put pretty people like me in jail," Holmes once told a Walgreens consultant, and it appears she is fighting to prove herself true. A last-minute appeal has triggered an automatic delay of ex-Theranos CEO, and fraudster, Elizabeth Holmes' 11-year prison sentence.

Holmes' ex-boyfriend has reported to prison and begun serving his 13-year term, after losing a similar appeal. It seems Holmes is using the same delaying tactic. I'd gather the Vegas odds of seeing her in orange are good.

NBC News:

While Tuesday's motion keeps Holmes out of prison for now, it may only be a brief reprieve. Holmes' mentor and former boyfriend, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, convicted in a separate trial last year, also sought to remain free pending his appeal, and he appealed to the Ninth Circuit when Davila denied his motion.

But the appeals court turned down his request. Last week, Balwani, 57, reported to a low-security federal prison in Los Angeles to begin serving his nearly 13-year sentence.