Second trailer for The Flash drops

The Flash is about to hit theaters pretty soon, and the film that will serve as the curtain call for the failed DCEU and the catalyst for the impending DCU. There's a lot riding on this movie's shoulders, as Warner Brothers. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has been clear about his intentions of reengineering DC's film brand so that it can rival the Marvel cinematic universe. Michael Keaton is back as Batman, and Michael Shannon is reprising his role as General Zod.

Then there's the crimes and the bizarre antics of the film's lead, Ezra Miller. In 2020 Ezra Miller allegedly choked and body-slammed a woman in an Iceland bar. They later found themselves arrested multiple times in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and allegedly throwing a chair at a woman's head. Oh, and let's not forget the allegations of Miller running a cult and grooming minors, which led to one 12-year-old filing a restraining order against the actor, as well as the felony burglary charge they earned in Vermont. 

So how does Warner Brothers Discover decide to deal with this alleged serial abuser and general creep? They reward Miller by keeping them attached to a massive blockbuster that will earn them millions, potentially funding the suspected abuse of countless other people. Anyway, I'll leave you with this footage of what appears to be Miller threatening a fan.