Watch Kyrsten Sinema dodge questions about her lavish lifestyle

Watch Kyrsten Sinema dodge questions from a reporter about her lavish lifestyle like an absolute pro. At least part of her lifestyle is funded by the same billionaire treating Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas to luxury vacations and jaunts on his yacht. Business Insider explains:

A Republican megadonor has been secretly funding lavish vacations for Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, according to a new ProPublica report.

But Texas billionaire Harlan Crow's largesse goes far beyond yacht trips and resort stays with the top conservative jurist. It also includes thousands of dollars in contributions to congressional Democrats known for bucking their party.

According to an Insider review of federal campaign finance data, Crow has given a total $5,800 to Democratic-turned-Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's campaign account and $5,000 in May 2022 to Getting Stuff Done PAC, a leadership PAC tied to the Arizona senator.

Crow first contributed $2,900 to Sinema's campaign in June 2021 before giving another $5,800 in November 2021 — prompting the campaign to refund half of it after Crow apparently exceeded federal contribution limits.

Sinema doesn't seem to care—not even one tiny bit—that she's turned her back on both the values and the people that got her elected to the Senate. She's extremely good at ignoring what she wants to ignore, including her commitment to the Democratic party and to her constituents—which is why so many former supporters are now working tirelessly to replace her. In this clip, posted on Twitter by Replace Sinema, you can see her doing what she does best. Replace Sinema posted this text along with the video: 

Sinema refuses to answer questions from reporters or constituents, but she has plenty of time for photo ops, marathons, getting massaged, closed-door fundraisers and "donor retreats." Buckle up, 2024—we are ready.

Oh boy, we sure are. To join the effort, check out the Replace Sinema campaign: "Because Arizonans deserve a real Democrat. We're a project of Change for Arizona 2024 PAC."