DeSantis's battle with Disney is a giant waste of money that will only hurt Florida

Ron DeSantis was making a political statement when he launched his attacks against The Walt Disney Company, trying to strip them of their Reedy Creek development district. Disney dared speak out against Florida's "Don't Say Gay" laws, and that was it. DeSantis decided to posture as if he were somehow forcing a large donor and one of Florida's largest employers to bow to his discriminatory demands. Now DeSantis finds himself slapped with a First Amendment lawsuit.

MSNBC's Steve Rattner gleefully walks us through a series of charts that show just how big a mistake DeSantis and his Republican cohort are making while discussing the legal jeopardy created for Florida. Disney was never a left-leaning woke company. However, Disney is a beaming example of a powerful corporation with many of the most expensive lawyers known for corporate lawyering. This will be a long and ugly battle that may well outlast Ron.

DeSantis has turned Disney from a GOP donor into a problem for his future political hopes.

Rather than look like a mighty hero, Ol' Puddin' Ron looks like a jerk.