MAGA couple tries to explain why slave-owners were anti-slavery (video)

I almost feel sorry for this Trump-adoring twosome, donned in their sartorial symbols of devotion — matching MAGA caps — as they tie their tongues into Gordian knots, striving to explain to Davram of the Good Liars why Ron DeSantis's claim that Thomas Jefferson and his fellow Founding Fathers were opposed to slavery is correct, even as they themselves were slave owners.

As her spouse stammers and falters, his better half strides into the fray: "Honestly, things were different back then." The eternal refrain of apologists, the siren song of revisionists, a tacit acknowledgment that mendacity and hypocrisy are as perennial as the grass, dear Mrs. MAGA.

Davram, ever the inquisitive interlocutor, probes further: "Do you think it should be taught that they didn't support slavery?" he inquires, invoking Ron DeSantis's dictum for Florida's youth-indoctrination program.

"Correct!" affirms the man, his voice full of resolve. "That's what, that's, that's what the, you know…." His words dwindle into a syntactic twilight; Davram dutifully steps in, offering to help complete the thought: "You're saying that they did not support slavery."

"They did not. That's why the, you know…" he trails off again.

At this juncture, the wife concedes the limits of her historical acumen: "I don't know."

"But they owned slaves," Davram gently reminds them.

"They owned slaves," echoes the MAGA disciple, accepting the cognitive dissonance as a point of pride.