Fed Chair Jerome Powell pranked by Russians who impersonate President Zelensky (video)

Oops. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell took a call in January by someone who he thought was Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He also thought his chat was part of a TV interview. Instead, he was punked by Russian comedy pranksters "Vovan and Lexus."

Fortunately, it seems to have been a harmless chat about U.S. inflation and U.S. support of Ukraine. "It was a friendly conversation and took place in a context of our standing in support of the Ukrainian people in this challenging time. No sensitive or confidential information was discussed," a Fed spokesperson told The Hill. Although embarrassing (how does this happen in 2023?!), it could have been worse.

Nothing like an ol' fashioned prank to show us a hole in U.S. security.

(See videos by Stephen Geiger and The Recount below.)

Front page thumbnail image: Niamh Blanchard / shutterstock.com