Identify your perfect color palette with this pocket-sized color sensor for only $70

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TL;DR: Tired of trying to figure out the right shade to paint your bedroom? This Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 will color-match any surface instantly for just $69.99.

In a world where quick results are at the tips of our fingers, trying to figure out the exact color shade of your favorite blouse shouldn't be that hard, right? After all, with Google Pixel's latest technology, we can identify songs by simply humming! Finding the exact color match has been a pain point for design pros, artists, and DIYers alike. But with the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2, you can scan any object for an instant color match at only $69.99 (reg. $99). 

With immeasurable shades of colors, it can be difficult to find the right match. If you've ever painted a room, holding up ten different paint swatches almost always ends with picking a shade that's just slightly off. So, instead of painting one wall, there goes your entire weekend painting a whole room. 

It doesn't help that every brand has its own shades. If you're moving into a new home or apartment, there's no real telling which brands the previous tenants used. With the Nix Mini Color Sensor, your color scans will instantly match you to more than 100,000 brand name paint colors, including leading paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and Sherwin Williams for an even and accurate paint job.

But the real beauty of this color sensor is its ability to pick up shades from any surface. Whether it's a pair of leather shoes you saw at a thrift store or a vivid galaxy lamp, this lightweight and compact color sensor will provide you with accurate results to inspire any physical or digital creations of yours.

There's no need to worry about lightning ruining your chance at the perfect match either. The Nix blocks out all ambient light, providing its own light source for accurate readings whether that's matching to the Nix Paints app or the Nix Digital app for RGB, CMYK, and LAB results.

Skip the long-winded Google searches and use Photoshop's eyedropper tool in real life to save all of your favorite color palettes to the Nix apps for future use. With the best price on the web—we're even beating Amazon!—the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 is available for just $69.99 (reg. $99).

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