Is Tucker Carlson a saint? Is Fox News part of the New World Order? Some on the right think so.

Comedian-turned-right-wing "freedom warrior" JP Sears, a conspiritualist peddling everything from clothes to life coaching to supplements, offers an insight into how the wellness grifter/MAGA/QAnon crowd are spinning the Tucker Carlson firing. Sears released a new video recently in his "JP Reacts" series, called "What really happened with Tucker Carlson," where he praises Carlson like a saint, speculates about why Carlson was fired from Fox News, and describes why he believes Fox News is part of an elite global cabal that is trying to silence freedom fighters and truth tellers.

He starts out by calling Tucker Carlson a "freedom fighter" more times than I could count, then explains that he doesn't believe the official "BS propaganda" narrative from Fox News—that  the organization is "parting ways with Tucker Carlson." Sears says that, instead, there's a "darker, more devious" story. Oh goody, I can't wait to hear it. So according to an "inside source" and Sears' own speculation, here's what's "really going on."

He first explains that people who watch Fox News aren't actually Fox News fans, they're just Tucker Carlson fans. Then we learn that Fox News is really "controlled opposition," even though they "seem conservative." In Sears' reality, the "leftist establishment controls Fox News." He explains: "A good way to control the agenda is to control the opposition to the agenda." So what happens, Sears asks, if Tucker Carlson, "a principled individual," becomes "uncontrolled opposition"? The answer: "They want him out, but they don't want people to know that." Fox is firing Carlson because the folks who run Fox believe, according to Sears, that "he's too much of a truth crusader, he goes too much against our globalist agenda, he's too uncontrollable."

In the rest of the video, JP Sears provides "evidence" of this claim:

First, Carlson has hosted other "freedom fighters" who expose "the truth" and who thus threaten Fox News' "globalist agenda." For example, Tucker has hosted notorious anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist, and disinformation spreader Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., author of The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public HealthNewsweek points out that one of the sections of that book is called "Final Solution: Vaccines or Bust." Newsweek goes on to explain:

Dr Richard Allen Williams, cardiologist and founder of the Minority Health Institute, said Kennedy was leading "a propaganda movement" and "absolutely a racist operation" which aims to target misinformation towards groups that may be more prone to distrust the vaccine, including mothers and Black Americans. 

But what actual, reputable doctors call misinformation and racism, JP Sears praises as "freedom fighting." Sears states, "There are not many people that the tyrants are more threatened by than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. . . . they've smeared his name all across the media." According to Sears, Tucker Carlson "likes to have earnest conversations with him because Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an amazing human being doing amazing work." Sears throws out the statistic (without any citation) that "75% of all advertising revenue from news shows comes from the pharmaceutical industry," so he speculates that the pharmaceutical industry made a ultimatum for Fox News: It's us or the anti-vaxxer RFK, Jr., who is bad for the pharmaceutical business.

Here's the next piece of "evidence": Carlson has repeatedly interviewed Trump. Sears says that he heard that Murdoch, owner of Fox, said that Fox news isn't supporting Trump or giving him a platform. But the "uncontrollable" Carlson defied that order and hosted Trump, who, Sears says, "came across very well," as Carlson was "doing a great job," asking him "good earnest questions" to "hear what Trump had to say" (not "gotcha" questions like the "shameless CNN hosts" out "to make him look bad"). Sears explains, "That's another strike against Tucker Carlson in the little reptilian eyes of Fox News."

Third, Tucker Carlson hosted Elon Musk, who, Sears says, is someone who "seems like he's now a threat to the establishment." "He bought Twitter, he's doing things to preserve free speech." And that's "gotten Elon in a little bit of hot water with the mainstream establishment that isn't so much a fan of free speech but they're a BIG fan of their own narrative."

Next, "Dominion recently won a lawsuit, or was awarded a settlement in a court case against Fox News for 'false' [Sears puts 'false' in air quotes] allegations against irregularities with Dominion's machines." Sears states that in his opinion Carlson wasn't very outspoken about calling out these irregularities, but nonetheless if the lawsuit went to a full trial, Carlson would have been called to testify. Sears argues that Fox New lost 800 million to Dominion, so they canned Carlson.

So those are some of the reasons Sears gives for Fox New firing Carlson. For Sears, they are all examples of how Fox News is operating as "controlled opposition," so Sears dives deeper into his assertion that "Fox News is controlled by the establishment." He pulls up a graph from a report called "The American Empire and its Media" by an organization called "Swiss Policy Research" that argues that most American mainstream media are members of the "influential Council on Foreign Relations." The report states that, "Largely unbeknownst to the general public, executives and top journalists of almost all major US media outlets have long been members of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)." 

What Sears doesn't tell the audience, though, is that this is just another in a long line of claims that a cabal of elites are working, either in secret (Yale's Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, the Freemasons) or out in the open (Council on Foreign Relations), to establish a "New World Order" or "global cabal" in order to "enslave the global populace," as Myles Flores from the Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey explains. Flores goes on to highlight the dangerous, violent, and anti-Semitic nature of this conspiracy theory:

The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory in which adherents believe that a cabal of powerful elites is secretly implementing a dystopian international governing structure that will grant them complete control over the global populace. Under this regime, dissidents will be arrested, and the masses enslaved. Supporters of the conspiracy theory claim that most global leaders are complicit in the establishment of this "New World Order," aiding the NWO through the manufacturing of global events (such as the coronavirus pandemic and mass shootings) and controlling their associated narratives to sow civil unrest. 

The NWO conspiracy theory can be found in the online chatter of fringe conspiracy theorists. While the associated rhetoric within these online groups can appear innocuous at first, this conspiracy theory presents a real-world danger, as it promotes a fatalistic worldview for adherents, possibly inciting them to commit violence against communities, infrastructure, and individuals deemed complicit in the NWO's implementation. This cabal narrative is commonly associated with other anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that claim Jewish culpability, alleging that they are behind the orchestration of the NWO, leading to an increased danger towards Jewish communities. 

Sears also doesn't reveal that "Swiss Policy Research" is really nothing more than a far-right propaganda tool that has been widely criticized for spreading QAnon conspiracy theories as well as misinformation about COVID-19 cases and severity, vaccines, unfounded 'treatments' like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, masks, and more. In short, it's a conspiracy propaganda machine and contains little to no actual research or factual data. Daniel Vogler of the University of Zurich calls SPR "a pseudoscientific media research project." 

So, there you have it. Carlson wasn't fired because he figured prominently in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit nor because he's the subject of two separate sexual harrassment lawsuits brought by his former senior booking producer. According to JP Sears, Carlson was fired because he tells too much truth and has threatened the elite global cabal. But don't worry, Tucker Carlson's gonna be ok—he'll find another platform for his freedom fighting. According to Sears: "All he needs is himself and wherever he goes, the people that want to watch him will follow." Sears goes on:

"I think Tucker Carlson is a very mission driven person. I think he's very much, he knows he's contributing to the awakening of minds, he's regularly calling out lies, hypocrisy, and corruption of tyrants. So I think Tucker Carlson is on a mission—his vocation of journalism and sharing his perspectives. I speculate that that's very important to him and something he still wants to do, and if that's true, what's next for Tucker Carlson?"

Sears says "that remains to be seen," but speculates about some possibilities, including moving to The Daily Wire, The Blaze, or Rumble, or even starting his own podcast or a website. Sears ends with some more Tucker worship:

"He's been willing to lose what they can take away from him, and I think that is a powerful example for any freedom lover out there. What they could take away from him is the Fox News platform."

"Tucker had told me personally—this was last summer—he said, Fox News, they always get pissed at him. He always gets pushback on what he does, but he does it anyway. So he knew. For him standing on his principles and his pursuit of truth, he knew he was very much at risk for having what could be taken away taken away. But he didn't back down, he walked forward with courage. And guess what? They can't take away what really matters: One, the connection he has with people, and two, his principles, and three, his voice. They can't take that away."

Gonna go take a shower now to wash off all of this filth.