Judge blocks Illinois ban on assault weapons

U.S. District Judge Stephen P. McGlynn granted an injunction prohibiting Illinois from enforcing its recent ban on assault weapons, writing that no crime committed with them could "justify the infringement of the constitutional rights of law-abiding individuals in hopes that such crimes will then abate or, at least, not be as horrific"

In light of the decision, the question is – can people buy assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in Illinois again? CBS 2's Sara Machi called around to a dozen stores – and even sellers say they're not completely sure. But they are optimistic there is at least a window of opportunity here. Still, opponents say this may be a short-lived win. It has been months since Maxon Shooters Supplies & Indoor Range in Des Plaines took certain firearms and accessories from their shelves. But hours after the favorable ruling, they're expecting a surge in sales. "We've already seen it. We've seen it with our online business this afternoon. We've seen it at foot traffic in the store; in person in the store this afternoon since the order came out," said Maxon Shooters owner Dan Eldridge. "The word spreads quickly."

The ban on high-powered guns was passed after 7 were killed in the Highland Park mass shooting last summer.