Sony financial report reveals a few choice details on upcoming games

Just yesterday, Sony released its fourth-quarter financial report. While it's full of all the dry corpo-speak and solid walls of numbers you may expect, two things in particular have managed to stick out. Firstly, Sony is on track to port even more of its games over to PC following the success of those that have already made the jump, despite the recent stumble that was The Last Of Us on PC. No surprise there – it's not much work for quite a chunk of change. It's good news for PC owners, but PS5 players have something to look forward to as well:

In anticipation of a dip in first-party game sales, Sony has informed investors that the much-awaited Spider-Man 2 will be out soon – which would match up perfectly with voice actor Tony Todd leaking a September release date previously. There's a lot to be excited about here… even if you have to dig through an entire financial report to get to it.