#HonestWellnessInfluencer hashtag mocks conspiritualists and reveals the truth behind their grift

I've written many times about my favorite podcast, "Conspirituality Podcast," which is hosted by Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, and Julian Walker. In their new book, Conspirituality: How New Age Conspiracy Theories Became a Health Threat, they define conspirituality as an online religion that "fuses two faith claims: (1) the world is possessed by evil forces and, (2) those who see this clearly are called to foster, in themselves, and others, a new spiritual paradigm" (p. 8). There's no shortage of conspiritual grifters. Guided by Conspirituality Podcast host's Derek Beres mantra, "watch what they say, and then watch what they sell," we've covered many here at Boing Boing, including Teal SwanChristiane Northrup, and more. But what would those wellness influencers say if they were actually telling the truth? Well, Conspirituality Podcast host Matthew Remski has a new series of "honest wellness influencer" tweets where he imagines exactly that. They're awesome and reveal so much truth about the conspirituality grift. They're all really good, so I can't really pick a favorite. But here's a sample: "I was so scared during COVID I lashed out. I got pilled on weird ideas and compared public health measures to the Holocaust. I didn't think about how insulting that is, how it appropriates tragedy in a way that serves antisemitism. I'm really sorry." To see more, search Twitter using #honestwellnessinfluencer series.