QAnon follower explains that Trump is the shadow President and James Woods is playing Joe Biden, who died

What Trump's very stable geniuses lack in intelligence they more than make up for in confidence. Check out Mike from Merrimack, New Hampshire as he explains to filmmaker Rod Webber what's really going on in American politics.

"Trump is still the president right now," says Mike. "He is running a shadow presidency, possibly from Mar-a-Lago."

What about the White House?

Fake news! "The real White House is shut down," Mike informs Webber.

What's more, says Mike, several Trump-loving actors are donning rubber masks that look like Democratic politicians "in an effort to wake people up to see what the deep state had planned for us." In fact, none other than James Woods is playing the role of Joe Biden, who died some time ago.

How does Mike know all these important facts that have remained hidden from the rest of the world?

"I've done my research," he tells Webber.