Man surgically implanted magnetic plates in fingertips to cheat at dice game

Remember in the 2000s when "biohackers" surgically implanted magnets into their fingers to develop a "sixth sense" for electromagnetic fields? Here's a more practical reason for doing such a thing: Dr. Wat Lun, a physician in Chon Buri, Thailand, recently posted on Facebook about a man who had tiny magnets surgically implanted in his fingertips forty (!) years ago in order to cheat at the dice game Hi Lo (aka Sic Bo). From Oddity Central:

"He came and asked to have them taken out because he wants to take a flight and is scared the magnets will set off an alarm at airport security," the doctor wrote. "When I cut open his fingers, I found two very tightly embedded magnets."[…]

Although the exact cheating method was not disclosed, some Thai news outlets claimed that the man used the magnetic plates in combination with a small magnet in one or multiple dice to manipulate the score.