Rather than regulate guns, Texas seeks to teach battlefield trauma care beginning in the third grade

Texas legislators have a fantastic new idea to save their children's lives from gun violence, instituting a battlefield trauma care training program beginning in the third grade! Rather than make it harder to get guns, they will just start teaching children to treat gun wounds. Perhaps by the time kids get to High School they can help in the OR.

From bleeding control stations to school safety officers to bulletproof backpacks, a giant industry has sprung up around not doing anything to prevent gun violence. It is amazing that the United States can and is willing to market to people who want their children to be safer, but the country isn't willing to do anything to make children safer.

Crooks and Liars:

"Bleeding control stations." Texas politicians already passed a law three years ago requiring them in every school, but now they want third-graders trained to do it? I think little kids have been traumatized enough with lockdown drills. This is what Texas legislators propose INSTEAD OF CONTROLLING THE GUNS. What a massive failure of leadership.

And you just know somebody, somewhere, is getting a kickback on the training.