Watch: Mesmerizing macro footage of a snail eating a strawberry

Watch this snail eating a strawberry! It was filmed in extreme macro, so you can see, in excruciating detail, the specifics of how, exactly, it snarfles. It's fascinating! This video was captured by German photographer Jens Braun, who runs a YouTube channel called "Another Perspective" that's filled with macro photography and videography. Popular Science explains what's happening as the snail eats:

Snails typically are omnivores, but the main staples of their diet are ornamental plants, flowers, weeds, veggies, and of course fruits.  Snails and their close relatives, the slugs, eat with their jaw and a flexible band of microscopic teeth called a radula. During a process called rasping, thousands of radula scrape up food particles, then they use their jaw to cut off larger pieces of food like leaves to be rasped.

If you want to see more snail snarfling, check out this snail eating chocolate, also captured on film by Jens Braun.