Without Tucker Carlson as a lead-in, Hannity's viewers drop by half

According to Showbiz411, Sean Hannity's show had 2.7 million viewers on April 13th. That was while white nationalist Tucker Carlson was still on the network.

But now that he's gone, so are most of Fox's viewers. And now poor Sean, whose show followed Tucker's, only has half his former viewers.

As Roger Friedman of Showbiz411 astutely points out, "It's not helping that Hannity's lead in now is not the fired Tucker Carlson but a miscellaneous show that has also dropped. The 8pm slot is getting no numbers. But if Hannity was so dependent on Carlson's numbers, what does that say for him anyway?"

Fox may have ripped the bandaid by getting rid of the sexist, abusive Carlson, but now they are having a hard time staunching the bleeding.