Birkinstocks are Birkenstocks made from destroyed luxury Birkin bags

The art-and-advertising collective MSCHF has brought a portmanteau to the next level by making Birkenstock-style sandals from deconstructed Hermès Birkin handbags. Except for some finishing details like golden buckles and stamped branding, the resulting "Birkinstocks" look much like traditional Birkenstocks. But, of course, these are no ordinary Birkenstocks, as they are handcrafted from luxury leather from bags that normally retail for tens of thousands of dollars. As an unofficial 2021 collaboration with Hermès, the bespoke sandals were priced between $34,000 and $76,000 per pair (!!). They were part of a limited release through MSCHF's app (Android, Apple) and, according to the Birkinstock website, are sold out.