Putin unharmed after drone explodes over Kremlin

A drone exploded over the Kremlin, according to reports, and the Russian government was quick to announce that President Vladimir Putin was unharmed. Russia blamed Ukraine for the attack; Ukraine suggested Putin's own opponents likely did it. Others still pointed out that the drone did no apparent damage and may be a false flag. QED.

Mr Putin has very high personal protection and the BBC's Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg says it is astonishing to think that drones could have got anywhere near the Kremlin. The Russian leader was unhurt and his schedule would continue as normal, the Kremlin said. He was working in Novo Ogaryovo outside Moscow on Wednesday. Footage posted on Russian social media showed smoke over central Moscow in the early hours of Wednesday. Fragments of the drones had fallen on the Kremlin site but no-one had been hurt and there was no damage to buildings, the Kremlin said.