The Pixies' song 'Where Is My Mind?' is accidentally turning off Google alarms

The Pixies have apologized because their song "Where Is My Mind?" is inadvertently turning off Google alarms on Pixel phones. The 1988 hit starts with "Stop!," which is triggering the Pixel's feature that allows users to turn off alarms by saying "stop." The band shared an Android Police article explaining the issue and tweeted, "Sorry about that!"


The feature causing the error was added to Google devices a few years back, and was brought to their phones with the release of the Pixel 6 in 2021. The idea is that users only need to say "Stop" or "Snooze," and their alarms will respond in kind. Ironically, this feature doesn't work when there's music in the background, specifically because Google wanted to avoid a situation like this one in which alarms could turn themselves off. Nonetheless, Pixies' isolated, spoken-toned "Stop" effortlessly does the trick — maybe the band could make a remix that starts with "Snooze" instead?

It was a Redditor who figured out the issue.